As of October 24, 2006 Cirk of Doomhammer has decided to leave WoW for more pressing real life commitments. The BFE raid team on Doomhammer was sad to see him go but wish him luck in all his endeavors. I am working to maintain some of Cirk's addons.

Cirk's original and last versions can be found through his portal.

Truth be known I am new at LUA development and will be using this opportunity to become proficient. I hope I can do half as well as Cirk has done.

Please be patient with me and I encourage any and all suggestions/solutions you may have.
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03-13-07 12:52 PM by: Kortanis
Cirk is back! I think he will have updates for most of his mods soon, check his portal in the coming weeks.

Thanks for the support you've given during the last few months. Sorry I crapped out at the end there.
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02-05-07 12:45 AM by: Kortanis
Well, I am just simply too busy to work on any of these for the time being. Before the expansion I was merely waiting for the expansion and had plenty of time to be testing more than playing. However, as my friends and guild mates are progressing thorugh content, so must I; and in the first week I found myself testing addons more than I was playing and my hobby and escape had become just more work.

I know this disappoints many of you, but I am not sure I will be working on these addons until the time blizzard breaks them beyond what they are now. Each of them works well enough for myself and that suits me. The bugs that each of them have annoy most of you and I apologize, but I want to let you know whats going on.

So for the record, I am NOT hanging up the towel, merely setting it out to dry.

This next part is unfortunately without the authoritative permission of the original author, Cirk. This announcement is a sudden decision, and as a non-wow player, Cirk is hard to get a hold of. However, I should have user uploads enabled and if any of you have the talent and time to submit fixes or improvements the please feel free to do so with the following in mind.

1. Each of these addons were created to be highly functional, highly compatible, yet lightweight addons leaving out gimmicks and extra dead weight. Meaning that support for other addons is preferred over adding the features of every other addon out there. This is priority. If you would like to create your own addon based off of these, please attempt to contact Cirk first, and the code should be considered his intellectual property.

2. Secondly, so long as Cirk's code maintains the bulk of these projects, please try to maintain the look, feel, and structure of them. The projects in my opinion at one point, finished works. and only currently require repairs. Please try to stick to this.

3. Improvements are not discouraged. I am not saying that nothing should change, but merely that I believe that these projects do not deserve to be bloated now or ever, and that I feel they would be top notch addons still if no features were added.

4. Should you provide updates or fixes, please make sure that you FULLY comment your work. I'll need to see what's been done once I have more time to work on them.

This is a simple to do list I had been keeping on each of them, please feel free to work through this list.

- Item Linking
- mod conflict - Taste the Naimbow/Cosmos
- disapearring scroll buttons on relog
- possible conflict causing channels to not be rejoined
- Add option to move chat bar to the top of the chat frame.

- Protected function while replacing enchant

- Might be a bug that dumps notebook data on server crash.
- Add a global tab for multi-server notes
- Whisper note to targeted player
- Close input box for new note upon hitting enter

- Yellowed names in blizz default tooltips
- oRA2 Support, done?
- widget, widget1, and widget2 errors
Error: attempt to index local 'widget2' (a nil value)
File: Interface\AddOns\Targetz\Targetz.lua
Line: 718
Count: 1
- "Small bug (I'm using beta 3). I'm using Tooltips Complete which comes with Cosmos. If you have "Remove PVP enabled" checked on, it will display everyone's names twice. Easily resolved by unchecking the box, but it took me a bit to figure out which tooltip mod was messing it up. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for updating this mod. It's one of my favorites. "

Thanks, keep in touch, and I will still be on here trying to make heads or tails of everything.
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01-10-07 07:38 AM by: Kortanis
All addons have been updated for 2.0.3. I am still working on a long list of various features/bugfixes for all of them. I am hoping to have release versions of everything soon.
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12-20-06 04:50 AM by: Kortanis
Sry the updates have slowed down a little bit this week. I've been preoocupied with very sad news.

My raiding team BFE or Bobbing For Epics on Doomhammer has decided to disband after a year of raiding. BFE was created and formed by several members of The Applesauce Gang (TAG) right about a year ago. The idea of BFE was to take a unguilded group that was new to raiding through MC and if all went well, even finish BWL. This would all be done while maintaing a casual raiding schedule of only three 4 hour blocks each week.

We started off in January quickly blowing our way through the Molten Core and killing Ragnaros by mid-April. Entering BWL soon after we killed Razorgore and Vaelastraz in our first week. By the first week of August, Nefarian was dead. We had completed the goals that BFE created for and we were in awe of what we had done. We had also cleared both ZG and AQ20 with our offnight raids. We almost immediately set out for the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj and less than one month after killing Skeram, Sartura and Fankrss stepped foot into Naxxramus killing Instructor Razuvious almost immediately. However, with an offnight schedule that had turned almost religous for many of our team, the pressure of continued BWL raids in addition learning AQ40 and Naxx simultaneously took its toll. Repeated onslaughts against Huhuran, the Trio, and Anub'Rekhan proved fruitless; despite our best attempts.

Unfortuanately, in October many of our members, feeling the stress of their studies or real life, combined with discouraging news about the looming expansion and foul rumors of our new gear soon gone to waste; our attendance numbers dwindled. The last two months in BFE have been long and hard, seemingly unable to defeat a new boss, many of us have still managed two complete our tier 2 sets, and complete so many other goals. Just recently we have had to cancel or refocus several of our raids due to low attedance. And so BFE meets its demise.

The last year is not one we will soon forget. We all have been through so much, and accomplished more than we had ever hoped for. We've broken a few server records and surprised so many that never thought we'd come this far. The friendships that have been made will not soon fade, and we've all become so much more than we set out to be.

It is with a sad heart that I say goodbye to a world that's become such a large part of my life. The people of BFE have kept me interested in WoW and made me excited over and over again to log on. The World of Warcraft suddenly feels so empty and I'm working to find something in game I might be able to enjoy as much as my time with BFE. If I can not not find anything that will hold my interest, I will regretfully be hanging up my spellbook and dismissing my minions for good.

I will keep you posted on what I decide in the weeks to come, and again I apologize that many of the bugs in these addons have gone untouched this week. Should I decide to leave, I will be leveling up a few friends and getting these addons to a working condition first.

It is my hope that people would continue to use these creation's of Cirk which I have valued so much in my journey's through Azeroth.

-- Kortanis, Master Demonologist of Doomhammer